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Personalized AI Diagnosis

Highly Personalized AI Learning enabled by Precise Assessments

AI Diagnosis with as little as 6 questions. CAT (Computer-Adaptive Testing) method accurately and swiftly diagnoses individual students' detailed academic proficiency.

Easily verify your understanding with AI assessments. Solve practice problems tailored to each individual to effectively improve academic achievement.

Dashboard Report

Real Time Student Progress Monitoring

Easily identify which concepts your class is struggling with and provide tailored supplementary learning with the help of AI.
Thoroughly assess individual student achievements and encourage their growth through personalized attention.

Self-Directed Learning

Forming Strong Meta Cognition and Self-directed Learning Habits

Motivate Self-directed learning through AI-enabled performance assessments along each step of the learning journey.

Keep track of learning progress and areas of improvement in real time and engage in customized assessments.

Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)

Jello: AI Teaching Assistant

Jello utilizes the latest generative AI technology to assist teachers in class prep. For students, Jello notifies students of unfinished assessments, recommends the most effective learning sequence, and aids students in self-directed learning.

Customizable Testing Solution

AI Powered CAT Testing Solutions

AI engine capable of processing large scale, real time Computerized Adaptive Testing environments tailored to the test administrator's needs. Both CAT and CBT solutions are available*
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Post class AI assessments help students focus on their own learning. Students also started developing self directed learning habits.
Byeongje Jeon / Gyeonggi-do Sungmoon High School
Byeongje Jeon / Gyeonggi-do Sungmoon High School