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Bringing back the fun in education
There are two different generations in a classroom, the students and the teachers.
Despite my eagerness as a teacher, embracing the other generation had its limits.
The communication gap between the students and teachers is the root to various problems in school.
It is time for teachers to reach out to students in their way.

Classting will be your dedicated partner in closing the gap,
and bringing back the fun in education for students and teachers.
Dave Cho, CEO (Former teacher)

Why do people love Classting?
I am looking forward to using Classting to develop opportunities for teachers across the globe to collaborate to promote rich cultural exchange and language learning.
Anne Homza, EdD, Assistant Professor, Boston College
Active participation of students in Classting become accumulated information to be utilized for individualized instruction.
Kyung-Sung Kim, PhD, Visiting Professor, UCLA CRESST
I’m truly communicating with my students.
Seungchul Lee,Teacher, Middle School
Interacting with students from another background gives my students a more vivid understanding of their lifestyles.
Kisung Cho, Elementary school teacher
Asking questions, exchanging ideas and sharing content under teacher supervision create an engaging environment for students to learn and socialize.
Valentin Radu, Student, University of Edinburgh
I love it!! I couldn’t talk to my teacher much before but with Classting I get to have more conversation. Rose Cunningham, Middle school student
Rose Cunningham, Student, Middle School
I couldn’t tell my teacher problems because my classmates will tease me. It’s good that now I can privately seek counsel with my teacher without anyone knowing.
Heewon Lim, Student, Elementary School
It’s perfect for working moms to check the noticeboard and be prepared. Plus I get to know all the other moms in the class.
Insim Lee, Parent